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Outsourcing critical tasks like Benefit Verification and Authorization, Claim Monitoring and Appealing Claims makes sense for Medical Practices that are feeling the squeeze of rising operational costs, shrinking reimbursements, and increasingly complicated regulations and compliance.


Authorization & Benefit Verification

Our team of experts will work on your behalf to receive pre-authorizations and verify patient benefits. This helps your staff focus on creating exceptional experiences for your patients. The Reliance℠ team will focus on communicating with insurance companies and verify insurance benefits.


Claims Submission

You must streamline the claim submission process, which means ensuring that business is paid promptly by insurance providers.

We have proven to consistently reduce the number of denied claims and increase revenues through correct medical billing and reduced errors on claim submissions, which makes your medical practice more efficient.


Claims Appeal

Over 200 million healthcare claims are denied each year. Reliance℠ can help you and your patients understand and navigate the appeal process.


Monitoring & Tracking

From the start of the claim to the final payout, our team will monitor and track all submitted claims.  If there are errors or issues with claims, we handle updating claims so you can focus on your patient experience and running your healthcare business.


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