When taking into consideration patient needs and preferences for more flexible consultations that are delivered in a safe environment, telemedicine answers the call. Convenience is a driving force when choosing a provider making telemedicine an increasingly attractive offering to busy lifestyles. Patients enjoy the fact that they can be seen from just about anywhere, without the drive time or possible exposure to viruses.

With the rapid growth of telemedicine in recent months, many physicians and patients are learning to use virtual visits for the first time. Telemedicine is here to stay, and it is wise for physicians to continue to master and streamline these visits. Keeping patient experience on the forefront is beneficial in its continued growth.

Since telemedicine is new to many, it’s helpful for physicians to devote time toward improving the remote patient experience and to tackle the challenges that may arise.

Technology is the first barrier to address. Medical professionals need to assess what patients can handle and have technical support readily available in case the need arises. Ensure there is a strong and secure internet connection on both ends. An effective setup will optimize patient experience and will reduce appointment hiccups, avoiding possible frustrations.

In addition, telemedicine needs to be clearly communicated and well-executed to meet patient needs and expectations. Educate patients on Telehealth options, the benefits of Telehealth and when it is appropriate to use, as well as whether the visit will be covered by insurance. This information should be easily accessible on the website and all social media accounts. Knowledge increases a patient’s confidence, not only in their provider but also in this new platform of care.

Keeping virtual visits personal can also be a challenge. A benefit of telemedicine is that, if executed correctly, it can increase a patient’s relationship and trust in a physician. Doctors, especially in primary care, strive to build long lasting relationships over many years or even generations. The fear of losing that due to virtual visits can be a valid concern. Telemedicine was not designed to take the place of face to face visits, but rather to supplement it. Physicians can keep visits personal by being aware of their “webside” manner which includes focusing on the camera, practicing intentional listening, presenting themselves professionally, and being aware of body language. These tips will put patients at ease and can lead to more frequent follow-ups and better care outcomes.

And finally, always look for ways to improve. Ask for patient feedback to assess the quality of care as well as areas that may make the experience better, continuously evolving and growing as you learn.

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