For many medical professionals, I suspect there are times when the complications, inefficiencies, and often disjointed processes of the healthcare revenue management cycle can literally make you want to “tear your hair out”.

For example, consider the excessive time and administrative effort involved in securing prior authorizations, ensuring benefits of patients, monitoring claim denials, and resolving and processing claim appeals. Not to mention staying on top of your A/R aging reports to make sure your providers get paid for services rendered.

Let’s be honest…it shouldn’t be this hard to get paid – right?

Many billing managers and practice administrators entertain the thought of outsourcing the entire function to a third-party medical billing company. For some, however, it begins to feel like they’re “removing the baby with the bath water”.

These managers would love to streamline certain aspects of their work. But they may have a strong affinity with their billing team and don’t want to eliminate key people or lose necessary headcount at the expense of increased operational efficiency.

The good news is this – you don’t have to make “all or nothing” decision. Our integrated solutions are designed to support your existing in-house medical billing team, regardless of size or specialty practice. We can seamlessly provide a level of efficient operations for your in-house billers and the patients you serve.

As an extension of your billing team, we work with you to minimize the administrative burden of interpreting insurance policies, determining coverage, and navigating the myriad of changes in payor regulations. The successful outcome is securing accurate reimbursements for services rendered and eliminating unexpected sticker shock for patients as it relates to their out-of-pocket medical expense exposure.

All this work is done in the name of quality healthcare and higher patient satisfaction.

Get started today on increasing the efficiency of your medical billing operations. Contact Reliance Medical Billing Solutions at 717-740-2622, or visit our website to request a customized quote of our services.